Our Story & Mission

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Bees Please began with a vision and a dream, and a plea to my husband to let me have bees, please. My husband is sweet, and he is tolerant, but he was wary when he realized I meant millions of bees. However, he knows me well enough to know I would put my all into this project. It wasn’t long before we shared hours watching Youtube videos on building hives, leading edge technology, and how to nurture and protect both honey bees and native bees.

It also didn’t take long for the kids to be asking for their own bees, please. We have shared information in schools and look forward to future education opportunities to teach ‘bee awareness’ in schools and local groups.

Finally, the name was also born out of the fact that bees please. Plants need bees, and bees need plants. Bees can be credited with every third bite of food we put in our mouths. Bees also create some of the best natural products around. These products have been used to help everything from Arthritis to Zits. We also began as just one Farm, but my husband kept referring to us as Farms which made more sense, because we are enabling others to set up their very own backyard farms. With the addition of Rent The Chicken, it just seemed natural that our name be Farms.

We thank you for visiting our site, and look forward to sharing our passion with you, whether it be setting up hives on your property, giving a bee presentation, renting out our chickens or sharing our wonderful products with you.


Honey bees are facing many challenges these days, including mites, diseases, and pesticides. The current mortality rate for honey bees in BC is around 50% each year. Bees are responsible for about 70% of the pollination of most flowering plants. A decline in bee health is therefore linked to the survival of other animal and plant species.

Bees Please strives to combat bee decline by strengthening the local population through education and a hive hosting program. By keeping bee populations healthy and happy Bees Please is ensuring a sustainable food system for future generations.

In addition to hive hosting Bees Please runs a chicken rental program. Besides being fun pets and food providers, chickens help provide necessary fertilizer and nutrients to boost growth of flowering plants thereby increasing bees natural food source.
A complete cycle!