Hive Rental

Interested in having bees on your property but don’t have the time or knowledge to look after your own hives?  We can help with that!

Our Hive Hosting program allows for anyone to keep bee hives on their land without the knowledge, expertise and work that goes along with caring for them. This allows you to contribute to the local environment. You also get to enjoy honey, pollination benefits, education, and the joy of watching bees at their work in your community and ecosystem. At Bees Please, we keep the travel of our bees to a minimum by hosting on a yearly basis, thus reducing their travel stress. Happy, healthy bees are our main focus. Honey bees are facing many challenges these days, including mites, diseases, and pesticides. By hosting hives clients can help bolster the bee population and thereby positively impact the environment. The bees will return the favour in fresh local honey!


Bees Please is now SOLD OUT for 2024. We look forward to another year of helping the bees, spreading knowledge and sharing some truly amazing backyard honey. Look for us around town in our new ‘bee comb’ car. We may be bringing bees to your neighborhood!

Packages include honey from each hive of your own backyard bees. Your own backyard honey makes a wonderful gift!  Also, enjoy personalized labels on your honey jars. Want your jars to say “Anne’s honey”? No problem!  Or “Lochside Drive Honey”? Absolutely. 


Bees Knees Package

Introductory Residential package includes:

  • 2 Boutique hives with Carniolan honey bees
    All equipment needed for the 12 month term
  • Extraction and bottling of your own backyard honey
  • 10lbs of honey
  • Personalized labels
  • Supplements and feed for the hives (often over 100lbs of feed per hive!)
  • Full service beekeeping
  • Swarm control
  • Winter preparation and maintenance
  • Integrated pest management
  • All treatments and medications needed for the bees
  • Transport costs
  • Provincial registration
  • Full liability coverage
  • Monthly updates


Ultimate package

Combine the Bees Knees Package with Rent the Chicken and save $50


Commercial Package

Custom designed rentals to suit your location & needs. Learn more.

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Bees Please will begin booking for 2025 in October.  Please complete the form below for pricing and availability in your area. Thank you

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