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Bees Please is working to increase Victoria’s bee population. By providing and maintaining healthy, happy hives and by educating future generations we aim to lower bee mortality in our region.

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Bees Please strives to combat bee decline by strengthening the local population through education and a hive hosting program. By keeping bee populations healthy and happy Bees Please is ensuring a sustainable food system for future generations. We provide Hive Hosting and Chicken Rental services to those who want to enjoy fresh honey or eggs without committing to spending the time and money to do it all on their own.

Hive Rental

Bees Please works with businesses and residents of the Victoria area through a hive hosting program. The hives can be found throughout the city and surrounding municipalities. By hosting hives clients can help strengthen the bee population and thereby positively impact the environment. The bees will return the favour in fresh local honey!


Rent the Chicken

Our Rent The Chicken program provides everything you need to have backyard chickens of your own. We deliver coops, laying hens, feed, food and water dishes, and instructions on how to care for your chickens. The chickens stay with you in their portable backyard coop for their laying period of May-October and then we pick them up and return them to our farm. If you decide you can’t bear to let them go there are also adoption packages available.


For Businesses and Organizations

We partner with local businesses and organizations passionate about sustainability and environmental responsibility. Hive Hosting is a safe and unique way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to community and ecological sustainability. It also is a great way to engage with your community and audience.



We work with schools, preschools and Community Centres and give talks on a variety of topics including bee management and health and the importance of beekeeping.


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Bees Please will begin booking for 2025 in October.  Please complete the form below for pricing and availability in your area. Thank you

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